Doing a Boudoir shoot isn’t about being sexy, it’s about being comfortable. Comfortable in your skin, in your room, in your life… or at least wanting to be.

bou·doir : a woman’s bedroom or private room

That said, it’s not the provocative clothing (or lack of it) that makes boudoir shoots intimate—it’s the process of really getting to know someone and letting them unfold themselves in front of the camera. Quite frankly, it’s the opposite of a glamour shoot, where one readily prepares for it by getting all dolled up. For us, a boudoir shoot means going bare—letting your hair down, smiling before you’ve had your morning coffee, or putting your feet on the table. The true #wokeuplikethis life.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t put on makeup. The point is to be yourself, to show us how and who you are when you’re alone in your room, enjoying the quiet moments you have with yourself. Whether you like lounging in your birthday suit, putting on a fuzzy onesie while reading a book, or donning heels in drag, it’s the things you do behind closed doors that make a private shoot. It’s your me time captured, and that‘s what make Boudoir intimate.

And just in case you’re wondering if Boudoir is just for females… yes, technically it is. The word itself is French for a woman’s bedroom or private room. And no, “Dudeoir” is not a thing—or at least not for us. We prefer to call it Cabinet, because it’s the closest equivalent to the French boudoir.

cabinet (also known by other terms) was a private room in the houses and palaces of early modern Europe serving as a study or retreat, usually for a man. -Wikipedia

Both Boudoir and Cabinet are private rooms—bedrooms, studies, libraries, private lounges. They are not limited to these specific rooms, of course, as they can be any room that a person considers private, such a condominium studio or even a kitchen.

And another misconception is that to do such private shoots, one needs to be ideally sexy or fit, and our answer to that is no. Again, it’s about being you and about being comfortable. Just relax and enjoy yourself, and we’ll show you how sexy your confidence looks.


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